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Frequently asked questions

· Is there a toilet on the boat? 


· Are dogs allowed on board? 

No, for reasons of hygiene and safety.

· Are the seats assigned? 

No, the seats are not assigned, you can sit in the interior room of the boat or on the open-air terrace, as you wish.

· How long does a cruise last? 

The cruises last 1 hour.

· How do I book with a Lyon City Card?

You can book by calling the tourist office on 04 72 77 69 69 or book on the website You can also come directly to 2 quai des célestins without booking, 20 minutes before departure.

· Do I have to book in advance for the cruises?

Our cruises are available with and without reservation:

-With reservation: directly on our website

-Without reservation: come 20 minutes before at 2 quai des célestins to buy your tickets at the ticket office

· Is it possible to eat on board during the tours?

We do not offer food on board the boat. Furthermore, we invite you to bring a bottle of water as the water on the boat is not drinkable.

· Do we stop during the cruise?

-The Cap Presqu'île, Cap Ile Barbe and Cap Confluence cruises are 1 hour cruises where you make a loop. The embarkation and disembarkation platform is the same: 2, Quai des Célestins 69002.

-The Cap Confluence One Way Cruise and Entrance to the Confluences Museum consists of a 35 minute cruise and a drop off at the Confluences Museum for your visit. There is no return by boat. For passengers who do not wish to stop at the museum, you can stay on the boat and we will take you directly back to the Quai des Celestins.

· What is the difference between Hermes and Hermes II?

The major difference between the two boats is the embarkation platform:

-The HERMES boat leaves from 16, Quai Claude Bernard - Lyon 7th, on the left bank of the Rhône

-The HERMES II boat leaves from 13 bis, Quai Rambaud - Lyon 2nd, on the left bank of the Saône.

However, the services offered on board, the menu, the quality of the meal, the service and the tour are the same on both boats. In general, only one boat sails per day, depending on the date chosen, we will tell you which boat is available.

· Do you sail all year round?

Yes, for the 2h30 restaurant cruises. For the 5h30 cruises we sail from April to October and for the walks from March to December. You can consult our opening calendar by clicking on the following link.

· Do we have to choose our drinks in advance?

No, a drinks menu is available on board. Click on the following link to see our drinks menu.

We also offer drinks packages available at the time of booking. For organisational reasons, these must be chosen before the cruise. They cannot be chosen on the spot.

· Can we have a table near the window on our restaurant cruise? 

As we receive many requests, we offer a guaranteed window option at a cost of 20€ per booking.

· Restaurant cruises: what happens if it rains? 

All our cruises are maintained even in case of rain.

· What are the nearest car parks?

Bateaux Hermes : Parking Berthelot or parking de la Fosse aux Ours

Bateau Hermes II: Confluence car park or Perrache station car park