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Our commitments



In 2012, Les Bateaux Lyonnais launched the first electrically-powered boat in Lyon: Navilys

This boat was built in a sustainable development approach; the Navilys is of French design and construction (85% of the materials come from the Rhône-Alpes region). It was built by the Franco-Swiss shipyard in Villers-le-Lac in the Doubs.

It is equipped with an innovative system: an aqua-thermal heat pump draws calories from the river water to transform them into heating and air conditioning energy. Solar energy is also injected into the thermodynamic system thanks to the photovoltaic panels located on the roof of the wheelhouse.

In partnership with AS Energie, the 6 units of the Bateaux Lyonnais fleet will switch to GTL (Gas to Liquid) in 2021. 

The advantages of this fuel : 

• Better combustion and significant reduction of polluting emissions 

• No smoke or odor production

• No danger for the fauna and flora according to the REACH regulation

• Delivery by bunker ship 


As the owner of two restaurant boats, the production of all kinds of waste is a real concern. All of the company's staff is regularly made aware of these issues. The "Green Team" set up allows everyone to be involved in daily actions, notably with :

• The installation of sorting garbage cans for paper and cardboard in all premises.

• The systematic use of glass bins for recycling bottles.

• The collection by a specialized company of kitchen oils and fats for recycling.

• The collection by a specialized company of waste oil, oily water and greasy rags for treatment and disposal.

• The provision of reusable aluminum water bottles for staff to limit the use of plastic bottles.

• The research and systematic use of cleaning products with a high biodegradability coefficient, in particular for the maintenance of boat hulls. 

• A preference for local suppliers.

• Financial incentives for our employees to use soft modes of transportation and carpooling.  


Since 2018, several projects have been under consideration to significantly reduce polluting emissions from vessels. However, it should be noted that the economic effects of the health crisis have delayed the implementation of some of these projects. 

Promenade Boats: 

Installation of battery packs on the Navilys boats for 100% electric use for circuits of 1 to 3 hours. 

Installation of an electrical management box to optimize the reuse of energy produced and not consumed by the thermal engines in order to recharge the batteries.

Restaurant boats: 

Replacement of the existing diesel generators with a model that meets the European EMNR5 standards in order to produce the boat's current electricity more cleanly (service - kitchen ....) and also to supply new electric motors that would be coupled to the 360° propulsion system already in place (Schottel).

Change of the DAF bow engine by an electric engine powered by batteries recharged either by the generators or by solar panels installed on the roof of the boat (useful surface 90 m²).