New in Lyon: Les Bateaux Lyonnais Brunch


Our boats

Created in 1984, Les Bateaux Lyonnais has become a reference in its field, by offering a new approach to the discovery of Lyon. 

For a guided tour, a meal cruise or a private event, the company offers tourists and Lyonnais residents the opportunity to enjoy a new urban experience. 

Are you a private individual or professional? Dare to try something new by privatising all or part of one of our 6 boats and let yourself be transported into a unique atmosphere. 

In all seasons, combine a change of scenery, culture and heritage! 

An anecdote? 

Originally from Lyon, the "Bateaux-Mouches®" were exported to Paris in 1867 for the Universal Exhibition. Built by the Lyon shipyards located in the "La Mouche" district in Gerland, these boats returned to the capital by sailing on the Saône and the inland canals.

Hermes restaurant boat

The Hermès restaurant boat invites its passengers to escape for an unusual and gourmet meal. To discover Lyon along the rivers and unravel its mysteries, lively commentaries are broadcast throughout the cruise. The traditional cuisine, concocted on board from fresh produce, delights the taste buds of passengers who enjoy an exceptional panorama.

The chef and his brigade have developed a varied menu to satisfy all gourmets. The Bateaux Lyonnais offer two lunch formulas (lasting 2h30 and 5h30) as well as a dinner formula (2h30) to admire the city under the lights. A gourmet, cultural and very original meal !

The Hermes in detail

Setup / Maximum capacities

  • Meeting - Seminar in theatre / 170 people
  • Meeting - Seminar in school / 60 people
  • Seated meal / 280 people
  • Cocktail party / 280 people
  • Walk - Transfer / 280 people

Reception areas / sqm

  • Upper deck / 91. 80 sqm
  • Main deck / 130 sqm
  • Dance floor / 45,50 sqm
  • Terrace / 88 sqm

Hermes II restaurant boat

Hermès II, our restaurant boat, provides a relaxing environment in which you can discover or rediscover the multiple facets of Lyon. Designed by a young architect from Lyon, the boat has high ceilings and large windows to ensure maximum light and superb views of the city.

So come and take advantage of this unique cruising experience and enjoy a sophisticated meal prepared on board by our young head chef. We offer a variety of routes and options to meet your needs. The chef and his team will serve you a menu of traditional flavours with gourmet accents to delight your taste buds.

The boat is ideal for private or business lunches and dinners, but can also be hired for events: seminars, conferences, birthdays and even weddings.

The Hermes II in detail

Setup / Maximum capacities

  • Meeting - seminar in theatre / 110 people
  • Seated meal / 160 people
  • Cocktail party / 180 people
  • Walk - Transfer / 180 people

Reception areas / sqm

  • Upper deck - Terrace / 152 sqm
  • Main deck / 170 sqm
  • Dance floor / 46,70 sqm


Navilys in detail

Setup/ Maximum capacities

  • Meeting - Seminar in the theatre / 70 people maximum
  • Cocktail party / 100 people maximum
  • Walk, transfer / 150 people maximum

Reception areas / sqm

  • Main deck / 62 sqm
  • Panoramic terrace / 30 sqm
  • Rear terrace / 8.50sqm
  • Galley / 5.70 sqm

Equipment available

  • Dining table, folding chairs, kitchen, heating and air-conditioning, 220V power supply, 4 video screens (19"), video projector, white screen, paper board, wired microphone, general sound system)

Vedettes ELLE & LUI

Hoist the sails! Here, "Elle" is for the Saône river and "Lui" is for the Rhône river. Treat yourself to an urban getaway by climbing aboard the two river boats and experience an exhilarating moment! The Les Bateaux Lyonnais team will provide you with a customised cruise combining originality, relaxation, authenticity and charm!

Vedettes ELLE  & LUI

Vedettes in detail

Setup/ maximum capacities

  • walk, transfer / 100 people

Reception areas / m2

  • Indoor lounge / 27,40 sqm
  • Terrace / 6,40 sqm

Equipment available

Heated indoor lounge, covered terrace, sound system, wired microphone, 24V power supply.

Saint-Exupery boat

Built in 2018 in the Netherlands, and now moored at 13bis quai Rambaud, this new boat dedicated to events promises a unique and 100% tailor-made experience.

Its large bay windows offer not only a bright space but also an incomparable view of the city of Lyon, enough to complement its clean lines and modern design. With its 36 meters long and 7.5 meters wide, this boat will be able to accommodate up to 80 people seated and 120 people for cocktails, in the dining room or on its large terrace, with a 360° view, whatever the occasion to celebrate.

In terms of gastronomy, the teams on board will have something to delight their pupils and taste buds thanks to its equipped kitchen and its bar area which adorns the main deck.

Bateau Saint-Exupéry

Saint Exupery in detail

Setup/ Maximum capacities

  • Meeting - Seminar in the theatre / 80 people maximum
  • U shape meeting + cocktail / 30 people maximum
  • Seated meal / 80 people
  • Cocktail party / 120 people maximum

Reception areas / sqm

  • Main deck / 92 sqm
  • Panoramic terrace / sqm
  • Rear terrace / sqm
  • Galley / sqm

Equipment available:

Dining table, chairs, kitchen, heating and air-conditioning, 220V power supply, video projector, white screen, paper board, wireless microphone, general sound system)